Resume Trends To Follow In 2017

1.    Creative Resumes: Gone are the times when you could just fill in your details in the resume template available on Microsoft. Now using those templates just mean that you are lazy and lack creativity. Also Times New Roman is no longer the go to font for resumes. Arial, Calibri could be a good choice as these fonts are clean and easy to read and also reflect reliability and familiarity.
2.    Make the Top Impressive: The top of your resume is the first thing a recruiter scans, make it count. This is the space where you can mention your contact information and your digital prints like your Linkedin profile or your personal website. Make sure you include only those web addresses where a recruiter can find samples of your work.

3.    Chuck 'Objective': If you still have an objective section in your resume, now is the time to get rid of it and replace it with a summary. While the objective section tells what you are looking for in a company, a summary tells what you can do for a company or organization.
4.    Performance Centric: Make sure that your resume just does not list out your past career duties and skills you have. Instead your resume should be performance centric and highlight what you achieved in your past jobs or how did you help in improving the performance of your team or how you solved a problem or how you secured an account for your company. It could be anything related to your profession but a recruiter needs to know what value you can add to their organization. Having the necessary skills for a job does not make you unique, what makes you unique is your ability to apply your skills and knowledge to a situation.

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