Top 50 Current Affairs Question Answer

Question No (1)  Which Indian State Celebrated its 51st Year?
Answer: Haryana State. Celebrated this day as Golden Jubilee of the State.
Question No (2)  India which state become the first cashless state?
Answer: Goa.
Question No (3)  Which village of India became the India’s First digital Village?
Answer: Gujarat village AKodara.
Question No (4)  F1 (Formula One) Championship Trophy 2016 won by whom?
Answer: Nico Rosberg. He belongs to Germany.
Question No (5)  What do you mean by SAMPRITI 2016?
Answer: A joint Military Training Exercise conducted between India and Bangladesh (5-18 November 2016).
Question No (6)  ‘Making of Constitution’ and ‘New Version of Constitution of India’ the 2 books recently released by whom?
Answer: PM Narendra Modi on 26 November 2016.
Question No (7)  Where is the First E-Assembly Constituency of India is?
Answer: Palampur Assembly Constituency at Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.
Question No (8)  ‘Davis Cup 2016 Tennis Tournament’ won by which country?
Answer: Argentina.
Question No (9) Agricultural Marketing and Farm Friendly Reforms Index launched by whom?
Answer: NITI Aayog.
Question No (10)  ‘No Tobacco Day’ is decided to observe by which Indian State?
Answer: Punjab on November 1st.
Question No (11)  What was the theme of ‘World Science Day 2016’ in this Year?
Answer: Celebrating Science Centres and Science Museums (on 10th November 2016).
Question No (12)  Airtel Bank- Airtel Payment Bank Ltd. Started in India from where?
Answer: Rajasthan.
Question No (13) India signed on Joint Declaration for the Implementation of Automatic Exchange of Information with which country?
Answer: Switzerland.
Question No (14)  ‘WTA Elite Single Trophy 2016’ won by whom?
Answer: Petra Kvitova.
Question No (15)  A state in India have Cyber Police Station in each district. Name of that State?
Answer: Maharashtra.
Question No (16)  Who is the India first State where the LNG Powered Bus launched recently?
Answer: Kerala.
Question No (17)  India and Asian Development Bank make a loan agreement to improve power distribution for which India’s State?
Answer: Assam.
Question No (18)  A Train naming ‘Hamsafar’ introduced by the Indian Railway between which stations?
Answer: Gorakhpur and Delhi.
Question No (19)  Which news channel in India was banned for 24 hours (on 9-10th November 2016) by the Indian government?
Answer: NDTV.
Question No (20)  India’s first ‘Genetic Garden of Naturally occurring Salt-Tolerant Plants’ was inaugurated by whom?
Answer: Mauritius President ‘Ameenah Gurib Fakim’ on 18 November 2016 at Tamil Nadu.
Question No (21)  Who won the 5 Golds at ‘South Asian Aquatic Championship 2016’ in Sri Lanka?
Answer: Bastab Tapan Bordoloi (15 Years old).
Question No (22)  To locate the nearest police stations in India, which app was launched by PM Modi?
Answer: Indian Police App.
Question No (23)  Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Switzerland Tourism?
Answer: Ranveer Singh.
Question No (24)  For make India a Cashless Economy by push cashless transaction, which committee is constituted by the Indian Government?
Answer: Amitabh Kant Committee.
Question No (25)  In the ICC rankings who has been became the World No.1 Bowler?
Answer: ‘Jhulan Goswami’ a famous Indian women cricket player.

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