These facts are important for computers knowledge

1. Which among the following is responsible for allocating IP addresses and managing the domain name system?
A. Domain name warehousing
B. Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers
C. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
D. None of these
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ans. B
2. A generic name for Intel processors released after the original 8086 processor is ______ ?
A. Pentium
B. x86
C. Pentium 286
D. None of these
3. A network that is connected to the Internet, but uses encryption to scramble all the data sent through the Internet is called ?
A. My network
B. Virtual private Network
C. Social Network
D. None of these
4. The software tool that enable a user to interact with computer for a specific purpose are known as?
A. Application
B. Hardware
C. Networked software
D. None of these
5. The performance of a hard drive or other storage device , meaning how long it takes to locate a file is called ?
A. Response Time
B. Access Time
C. Quick Time
D. None of these
6. The word bandwidth is also used to mean ________?
A. width of the data cable
B. number of the computers on a particular network
C. amount of data transferred
D. None of these
7. Which of the following tool is not normally used during system analysis?
A. Program flow chart
B. Grid chart
C. Question check list
D. None of these
8. In order to save word document as a web page you need to?
A. put the appropriate graphics and links on the document
B. save the document in simple text format
C. use your web browser as an editor and save as URL
D. save as HTML
9. The ______ of system includes the programs or instructions.
A. hardware
B. icon
C. software
D. information
10. The advantage of DRAM is ?
A. It is cheaper than SRAM
B. It can store more than that of SRAM
C. It is faster than SRAM
D. None of these।   

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