Questions on Medieval Indian History

Q1.The ‘Double Dome’ was an important features in the Indo-Islamic architecture during the medieval times. What was the main objective of introducing the Double Dome in Monuments?
✔ A.To provide appropriate height to the monuments without losing aesthetic value
B.To provide adequate strength to the monument
C.To provide cooling effect inside the building
D.Only B & C
E.None of the objectives mentioned in the statement A, B and C is correct
Q2.Which among the following rulers of the Chola Empire conquered the Maldives during his regime?
A.Kulothunga Chola I
B.Rajendra Chola
✔ C.Raja Raja Chola I
D.Vikrama Chola
E.None of these
Q3.At the time of invasion of Alauddin, Warangal was ruled by ___?
✔ A.Kakatiya Dynasty
B.Chalukya Dynasty
C.Chola Dynasty
D.Yadava Dynasty
E.None of these
Q4.In Battuta, the famous Muslim explorer who came to India during regime of Mohammad Bin Tughlaq, belonged to which country?
✔ C.Morocco
E.None of these
Q5.Which of the following ambassadors of Queen Elizabeth visited Akbar’s court to obtain a Firman for trade in Gujarat?
A.John Mildenhall
B.Sir Thomas Roe
✔ C.John Mildenhall
D.Sir Thomas Howard
E.None of these
Q6.Which among the following terms was used for the Royal cavalry of the Maratha Army System?
A. The Subedars
B. The Shiledars
C. The Hazari
✔ D. The Bargirs
E. None of these
Q7.Who among the following was called ‘Hazar Dinari’ during the regime of Alauddin Khilji, ruler of the Delhi sultanate?
A. Malik Kamil
B. Khaleel Saiyeed
✔ C. Malik Kafur
D. Malik Mohammed
E. None of these
Q8.As per the Prithviraja-Raso, the four Rajput Clans which emerged from Agni-Kunda (Fire Altar) of Mount Abu are__?
A. Paramaras, Chandelas, Chauhans, Chalukyas
✔ B. Pratiharas, Chauhans, Chalukyas, Parmaras
C. Pratiharas, Chauhans, Gahadavalas, Kalachuris
D.Chauhans, Kalachuris, Chandelas, Pratiharas
E. None of these
Q9.Which among the following is a correct meaning of office of Qazi-ul-Quzat under the Mughals?
✔ A. Supreme Authority in Justice
B. Head of the Finance department
C. In charge of charities
D. Censor of Public morals
E. None of these
Q10.Which among the following monuments was not constructed by Qutubuddin Aibak?
A. Kubbat-ul-Islam mosque
B. Adhai din Ka Jhopada
✔ C. Alai Darwaja
D. Qutub Minar
E. None of these

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