Practice Questions on Indian-Economy

Q1.The bulk of the Central Government’s subsidies arise on the provision of economic services, which account for :
A.45% of the total subsidies
B.52% of the total subsidies
C.70% of the total subsidies
✔ D.88% of the total subsidies
Q2.In 1920, with the Indian railway network having expanded to 61,220 km  a need for central management was mooted by :
✔ A.Sir William Acworth
B.Lord Curzon
C.Robert Maitland Brereton
D.Langley Churley
Q3.General sales tax is a form of:
A.Stamp duty
✔ B.Consumption tax
C.Corporate tax
D.Estate duty
Q4.When was the Industrial Finance Corporation of India established?
A.June 8, 1940
B.June 1, 1948
C.July 10, 1940
✔ D.July 1, 1948
Q5.SME Rating Agency of India was founded by:
A.Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
B.Reserve Bank of India
✔ C.Small Industries Development Bank of India
D.Industrial Finance Corporation of India
Q6.Who is known as the father of the white revolution?
A.Norman Borlaug
✔ B.Verghese Kurien
C.Dr. William Gande
D.Dr. M. S. Swaminathan
Q7.Which of the following is considered the mainstay of growing population of India?
A.Public sector
✔ C.Agriculture
Q8.The increase in oil seed production is attributed to:
✔ A.Yellow revolution
B.Green revolution
C.White revolution
D.Brown revolution
Q9.When was the National Agriculture Insurance Scheme (NAIS) introduced?
A.August 1998
✔ B.October 1999
C.February 2001
D.April 2001
 Q10.Which organization issued the data of estimation of India's National income?
✔ A.Central Statistical Organisation
B.National data Centre
C.Planning Commission
D.Non-governmental organization

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