gk current affairs

1. Which of the following is the official mascot of the 22nd edition of Asian Athletics Championships-2017?
 [A] Bawean Deer
 [B] Misha
 [C] Olly Turtle
 [D] Flying Squirrel
 2. India's first bio-refinery plant has set up in which of the following states?
 [A] Andhra Pradesh
 [B] Assam
 [C] Tamil Nadu
 [D] Maharashtra 
3. Who has won the 2017 French Presidential election?
[A] Emmanuel Macron
[B] Marine Le Pen
[C] Francois Hollande
[D] Jean-Luc Melenchon
 4. Which country has elected as the new President of the Governing Council UN-Habitat?
[A] China
[B] India 
[C] Russia
[D] Sri Lanka Show Answer
5. Which country is hosting the 26th session of the Governing Council (GC) of UN-Habitat-2017?
[A] India
[B] Kenya 
[C] Ecuador
[D] Uruguay
 6. The 2017 multinational military exercise "Eager Lion" has started which of the following countries?
[A] Italy
[B] Kuwait
[C] Jordan 
[D] Qatar
7. The 2017 joint military exercise "Balikatan" has started between United States and which country? [A] Saudi Arabia
[B] Pakistan
[C] Israel
[D] Philippines 
8.What is the theme of 2017 World Red Cross Red Crescent Day (WRCRCD)?
[A] Less Known Red Cross Stories 
[B] Everywhere for everyone
[C] Together for Humanity
[D] Get The Together for Humanity
9. The Navegaon National Park is located in which state?
[A] Uttar Pradesh
[B] West Bengal
[C] Gujarat .
[D] Maharashtra 
10. Kavinder Singh Bisht is associated with which sports?
 [A] Wrestling
 [B] Chess
 [C] Boxing
 [D] Cricket

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