25 important question for all competitive exam

1.Gautam Budha was born at – Lumbini
2.What is the name of Jain literature – Anga
3.During Maurya’s period, which place was famous for education – Taxila
4.Who was the writer of Vikramdevcharit – Bilhad
5.Who is the god of Konark temple – Sun
6.Kutubminar’s construction was completed by which famous ruler – Iltutmish
7.Which Sikh guru started Gurumukhi script – Guru Angad
8.Who was the founder of Sayyid dynasty – Khizr Khan
9.Most important feature of Government of India act 1919 was – Introduction of Diarchy
10.Who decides whether a particular bill is money bill or not – Speaker of Lok Sabha
11.Who started civil services in India – Lord Cornwallis
12.Jawahar Lal Nehru port is located in – Mumbai
13.Which is the biggest tribe of India- Gond
14.Tunami is created by which natural phenomenon – Earthquake
15.The largest ecosystem on earth is – Hydrosphere
16.The biggest gulf in the world is – Bay of Bengal
17.Khetri Rajasthan is famous for the mining of – Copper
18.Annaimudi is the famous peak located in – Sahayadri
19.Which instrument can generate waves of constant amplitude – Oscillator
20.Quantum theory was first enunciated by – Max Plank
21.The instrument used to check the velocity of the air is – Anemometer
22.Which element is used in storage batteries – Lead
23.The main ingredient of cement is – limestone
24.Which type of wave has lease penetrating power – Alpha particles
25.The process of production of fruit without fertilisation is – Parthenocarpy

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