Top 24 Unknown facts about Airplane

1. Every day, almost 2 million ships fly in the whole world. Only 5 % of the population is only on the plane.

2. Technology is able to blow me in this world (Autopilot) without the pilot. But the security of passengers is required to be pilot in the control point.

All people, including the pilot in 3. Aircraft are required. Kyōkiṁ this is a flight ang.

4. Airplane captain, and first officer do not eat a kind of food, so if a health should be damaged.

5. The emergency of emergency, you can only live within 15 minutes of the emergency.

6. of the 6. Air ships that don't like many more to go on the higher height, our tongue is changed. So the salt in the airplane is too much to eat.

In 7. Air-Lrb-Para-RRB-is a strict force of, and eliminate the para aluminium.

8. Air travel time people are used to reduce the charcoal filter to reduce the stench.

9. Neil Armstrong when the first time was passed on the moon, there was a piece of the first plane.

10. Of Any American death will be in the plane crash of 1.1 million people in the car accident of 1 BUT 1 people in car accident are 1 of 5,000 people.

11. % of 80 % of 11. MINUTES TILL 3 minutes of flying air-Lrb-3-RRB-are within the last 8 minutes of flight. The biggest plane crash was in 1977, in which 500 people were killed.

12., a ' Voyager ', the ship of a ' Voyager ' the name of the whole world.

13. Every 5 OF 1 man scared to blow him "Aviophobia".

In 14., there were a accident chakor of the windows of the ship, but an accident was considered to be responsible for the windows windows. After then, the ships on the side of the ship, do not resist the wind, and it does not have unnecessary pressure on the ship.

15., the one of the United States of America has built an air line by 69 lakh rupees. Till 2008, the man took over 10,000 flight. This was a loss of 1 billion rupees to the company. In 2008, the company had to cancel that man.

There is a black bāĕksa name in 16. Ships, it is about to provide information about the accident of the ship. Even though a big accident, the plane may fly, but it's too much chance that the black bāĕksa you will get it. Actually, these black bāĕksa is made of steel. So why did we not make the entire ship to the steel? Look at friends, if the whole ship made steel, then the ships will be lost and will not be able to fly the ship.

17. You have seen that most of the white colour is because of the white color, such as a result of a white color, as a result of a white colour, oil, the oil-Lrb-Tarēṛa-RRB -, the oil-Lrb-tarēṛa The White colour does the heat of the heat, so the plane is on the height of 30,000 feet.

18. Air ships are designed by the sky no effect on these. At least 1 times in the year, 1 times, or every 1,000 hours in flight, the sky is bound by the sky. After 1963, there is no plane accident because of the sky. All of these engineering are awesome.

19. Psi pressure in the tyres of 200 psi pressure which is more than 6 times compared to the car tires. Even if the plane has been on the ground of 273 km, they will be able to afford it. Many times you have heard that after every laiṇḍiga change the plane tires. But it is not that, after nearly 200-250 Laiṇḍiga, the plane tires are replaced. They don't fix it but it does on the plane. Jack is used as well as a car to change the plane.

During 20. Night the plane light is so dim so that your eyes should come in the right size and if accident happen, you may be able to see the time of the time in the dark. For your information, if we are in front of the lights and it would be dark, we can't see anything. Slowly our eyes are worth watching.

21. Should always sit in the last part of the airplane. There are 40 % more likely to escape passengers during the last part of the crash. Black Bāĕksa is also kept in the past part.

22. Many times the white lines in the sky looks like there is no rāĕkēṭa going to smoke. Actually, when the plane's engine is with fuel combustion, it comes out of steam paṅkhō and when in the sky comes in touch with the air, they look like white lines. This is exactly the same as we can see our breaths in the cold weather.

23. Phone's airplane mode what comes to work?
Ans. When you travel in airplane, it is called as a kyōkiṁ plane to put the phone on airplane mode and depends on the signal of radar and radar. This signal is sent in a fix frequency and the mobile network can affect it. It is so good to travel in the plane, or then put your phone off, or then put on the airplane (flight) mode.

24. If the door is open, what will happen?
Ans. When once a ship is flying, it begins to be a pressure inside the cabin. This pressure is much more than the pressure of pressure. The aircraft's doors are also made to take care of this pressure, nor from anyone else. The aircraft's door to a little side and moving to a little side by moving into a little side. It is almost impossible to fly the door of the ship. Bai chance, if the door is open, it is true that in the plane, and the people are flying out of it. But it would be possible when the pressure inside the cabin and the plane is flying on a very height.

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