Most important questions for all exams

Q1. The Andhra Pradesh Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department released how much amount to AP-Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (AP-UFIDC) for the year 2016-17, for works taken up under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) scheme?
Answer: Rs.99.62 crore
Q2. The Minister of Women & Child Development, Smt Maneka Sanjay Gandhi has inaugurated ‘Women of India Festival 2016’ of organic products by women in.............?
Answer: New Delhi
Q3. Name the Indian actress, who has joined media mogul Oprah Winfrey and pop star Jennifer Lopez in Variety magazine's 'Power of Women Impact' List?
Answer: Priyanka Chopra
Q4. We read about MCLR regularly in News papers (finance/banking section) and Andhra Bank has announced a reduction of 10 basis points in its one year MCLR from 9.55 per cent to 9.45 per recently. What does MCLR stands for?
Answer: Marginal Cost of Funds Based Lending Rate
Q5. The National Summit on Fortification of Food was recently inaugurated in ______________ to address interventions in combating micronutrient malnutrition in the country.
Answer: New Delhi
Q6. Which insurance company has announced launch of three solutions that guarantee a customer option to choose regular monthly income, among others?
Answer: Tata AIA Life
Q7. Who has been appointed India’s new Ambassador to United Arab Emirates (UAE)?
Answer: Navdeep Singh
Q8. The Government of India has formally granted a license to which company  to set up 3,500 petrol pumps in India?
Answer: British Petroleum
Q9. Who has been appointed as Member Secretary of Law Commission of India recently?
Answer: Sanjay Singh
Q10. Name the person, Who has awarded inaugural recipient of the International Prize in Statistics recently.
Answer: Sir David Cox
Q11. After eight years of harnessing olive saplings brought from Israel, which state is all set to launch next month its own brand olive oil, which it claims, will be the country's first indigenously-produced brand?
Answer:  Rajasthan
Q12. The Centre unveiled a regional connectivity scheme, known as UDAN with flights priced at Rs.2,500 for one hour of flying time to and from regional airports. UDAN stands for?
Answer: Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik
Q13. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the integrated terminal building of which airport?
Answer: Vadodara Airport
Q14. India and New Zealand have agreed to strengthen security and intelligence cooperation against terror and radicalisation including in the sphere of cyber security. Who is the present Prime Minister of New Zealand?
Answer: John Key
Q15. India and __________ have moved closer on Farzad-B gas field deal. Both nations continued their high level engagement on the gas field.
Answer: Iran