Important question related to sports

Question (1) Athlete of the Year Title won by whom?
Answer:- Usain Bolt.
Question (2) In the World Delhi Airport won which number in the most connected airport?
Answer:- world’s 22nd most connected airport.
Question (3) Who won the Best Footballer in the World?
Answer:- Cristiano Ronaldo.
Question (4) AIBA’s Legends Award won by whom?
Answer:- MC Mary Kom.
Question (5) Who was listed on the top in 2016 Forbes India Celebrity 100 List?
Answer:- Salman Khan.
Question (6) Who is appointed as the UN Secretary General?
Answer:- Antonio Guterres.
Question (7) Who is appointed as the Audi India head?
Answer:- Rahil Ansari.
Question (8) India’s 1st transgender school opens at where?
Answer:- Kochi (in Kerala).
Question (9) Recently PM Modi launches which mobile payments app?
Answer:- BHIM (Bharat Interface for Mobile).
Question (10) Recently Amazon launches which service platform to let people sell used products at Amazon?
Answer:- ‘Sell as Individual’.
Question (11) Recently PM Modi inaugurates – ‘Char Dham highway project (12 Thousand crore rupees Project) at where?
Answer:- At Uttarakhand.
Question (12) Assam Government launches which scheme about Health Insurance?
Answer:- Scheme- ‘Atal Amrit Abhiyan’.
Question (13) Which Indian State will host National Games in 2022?
Answer:- Meghalaya.
Question (14) World Bhojpuri Conference held at where?
Answer:- Varanasi.
Question (15) Biotechnology Policy-2016 announced by which Indian state?
Answer:- Gujarat government.
Question (16) ‘Bihari Puraskar 2016’ given to whom?
Answer:- Rajasthani writer ‘Satya Narayan’.
Question (17) A committee to promote cashless transactions in India will be headed by whom?
Answer:- Andhra pradesh Chief minister- ‘Chandrababu Naidu’.
Question (18) Nagaland Celebrated it’s which statehood?
Answer:- 53rd statehood.
Question (19) The Union Cabinet approves how many inclusion in Central OBC list?
Answer:- Inclusion of 15 new caste.
Question (20) 7th World Ayurveda Meet held at where?
Answer:- Kolkata.
Question (21) Maharashtra Government has started which application to encourage the cashless transaction?
Answer:- Maha Wallet.
Question (22) Andhra Pradesh government has launched which App to promote cashless transaction?
Answer:- AP Purse.
Question (23) Which language is considered as 10th most powerful language in the ‘World Power Language Index’?
Answer:- Hindi (Report published by World Economic Forum).
Question (24) Bans on the use of newspapers for packing food said by which Indian Authority?
Answer:- The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).
Question (25) World’s largest cricket stadium to come up at where?
Answer:- At Motera, Ahmedabad (The Sardar Patel Cricket Stadium). Renovation project handed to L&T.
Question (26) In India the ‘Narmada Seva Yatra’ launched at where?
Answer:- At Amarkantak (Seva Yatra launched by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Choughs)

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