English Questions with answers Asked in CGL Tier 2 Exam

1.       A song sing at the death of a person
A)     Ode
B)      Liturgy
C)      Elegy
D)     Sonnet
    2.       The period between two reigns
A)     Interregnum
B)      Intermission
C)      Anachronism
D)     Era
    3.       A person extremely desirous of money
A)     Extravagant
B)      Miser
C)      Fervent
D)     Avaricious
    4.       A person who has had one or more limbs removed
A)     Amputee
B)      Handicap
C)      Limber
D)     Fatalist
    5.       A statement in which you say the same thing twice in different words
A)     Tautology
B)      Repetition
C)      Temerity
D)     Tarragon
    6.       An error or misprint in printing or writing
A)     Jargon
B)      Axiom
C)      Erratum
D)     Agenda
    7.       One who is known widely but usually unfavourably is
A)     Tarnished
B)      Famous
C)      Notorious
D)     Illustrious
    8.       Rub or wipe out
A)     Efface
B)      Remove
C)      Plunder
D)     Terminate
     9.       No longer in existence or use
A)     Invincible
B)      Delete
C)      Inefficient
D)     Obsolete
    10.   Too willing to obey other people
A)     Subservient
B)      Sublimate
C)      Subjugate
D)     Subaltern

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