English Objective Type Questions for SSC CGl CHSL and UPSSSC Exams 2017

1)She seems offended ______ my remarks.
a) with
b) for
c) upon
D) at

2)The mounting pressure was so overwhelming that he ultimately _______ to her wish.
a) agreed in
b) cowed in
C) gave in
d) yielded in

3)He has no objection _______ my proposal.
A) to
b) for
c) in
d) towards

4)It is no use ________ to come now. He is very busy.
a) To ask him
B) Asking him
c) That you ask him
d) If you asked him

5).They are very grateful ______ your kindness.
a) towards
b) to
c) with
D) for

6).Wash your hands ______ water.
a) from
B) with
c) by
d) in

7).He preferred cricket _______ any other sport.
a) against
B) to
c) over
d) than

8).There is a disturbing nexus ______ politics and sports in India.
A) between
b) with
c) among
d) by

9).Don’t loiter _____ the street.
a) in
B) about
c) on
d) into

10).The terms given to you are not ________ acceptable.
a) for
b) by
c) with
D) to
11).Sunita Decided to set _______ some time every day for prayers.
a) up
b) in
c) on
D) aside

12).The Government agreed to pay compensation _____damage crops, land and cattle.
a) of
B) for
c) to
d) through

13).The boy you met yesterday is in class_______.
a) ninth
b) the ninth
C) nine
d) the nine

14).There was some confusion ________ the agreement.
a) on
b) in
c) around
D) over

15).Speak loudly as he is slow _______ hearing.
a) in
b) about
C) at
d) of

16).Will you _______ my dog while I am on tour?
a) Look out
b) Look up
c) Look on
D) Look after

17).Savita is disgusted ______ the habits of her husband.
a) of
b) from
C) with
d) at

18).Every man craves _____ recognition.
a) for
b) about
c) at
D) after

19)._________ you meet my son in the market, ask him to come home at once.
a) Will
b) While
C) Should
d) Would

20).Sanjay was sure ______ getting a first class in the examination.
a) at
B) of
c) on
d) about

1). d) 2). c) 3). a) 4). b) 5). d) 6). b) 7). b) 8). a) 9). b) 10). d) 11). d) 12). b) 13). c) 14). d) 15). c) 16). d) 17). c) 18). d) 19). c) 20). b)

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