10 slangs for improving your vocabulary

1. Balls-up -- A messed up situation
The whole trip to London was balls-up
2. Gobby -- Being a loud mouth and/or offensive
My neighbor is a little gobby at times.
3. Legless -- Extremely drunk
At the bachelor's party, John was completely legless.
4. Knackered -- Tired and Exhausted
After working the whole night, I was completely knackered.
5. Rumpy Pumpy -- Getting sexual / naughty
Let's get rumpy pumpy tonight.
6. Miffed - Upset or Offended
My friends made fun of me and now I am a little miffed.
7. Minted -- To be wealthy
After he started a new business, he is minting a lot of money.
8. Tosh -- Nonsense
The politics is a complete tosh to me.
9. Collywobbles -- A feeling of acute nervousness.
I got collywobbles before presenting the report to my boss.
10. Wazzock - An idiot.
My friend is a complete wazzock.