RRB NTPC 29th March Evening Shift Question Paper

RRB NTPC 29th March Evening Shift Question Paper
Railways Non-technical 29.03.2016 paper is as follows:

1.Which organ is realted to Osteoporosis?

2) Akash missile is ________
Answer: Surface-Surface missile

3) At which place national science conference was held in india?
Answer:  New Delhi

4) Which is second longest river in India?
Answer: Godavari

5) Where 2015 world cup was conducted?
Answer: Australia and Newzland

6) What is largest boundary shared with bangladesh?

7) Who is the first lady president of INC?
Answer: Annie Besant

8) Mission which is going to be sent in 2019-2020?
Answer: Aditya

9) Who is republic day guest to India in 2016?
Answer: Francois Hollande

10) World No tobacco day is celebrated on _____
Answer: May 31st

11) Which country hosted 2015 World cup?
Answer: Australia and Newzland

12) Who is called as Bismark of India?
Answer: Vallabhbhai Patel

13) Who is international World cup tennis winner of 2015?

14) Environment day is celebrated on _____.
Answer: June 5th

15) Right to Information act came into force from which year?
Answer: 2005

16) Zika Virus is caused by _____.
Answer: Mosquito

17) Kailash and Mal got noble prize in which year?
Answer: 2014

18) Which of the following is not a green house gas?
Answer: Hydrogen

19) Which among following is colourless and odour less gas?
Answer: Oxygen

20) What is the operation between India and Pakistan in Kargil war?
Answer: Operation Vijay

21) The condition in which temperature of body is decreased is called?
Answer: Hypothermia

-Rajesh Kumawat

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