Clerk & PO : Important Quiz for Bank Part-03

Teller : Teller is a staff member of a bank who
accepts deposits, cashes cheques and performs
other banking services for the public.
Technical Analysis: A method of evaluating
securities by relying on the assumption that
market data, such as charts of price, volume,
and open interest, can help predict future
(usually short-term) market trends. Contrasted
with fundamental analysis which involves the
study of financial accounts and other
information about the company. (It is an
attempt to predict movements in security
prices from their trading volume history.)
Time Horizon: The duration of time an
investment is intended for.
Trading Rules: Stipulation of parameters for
opening and intra-day quotations, permissible
spreads according to the prices of securities
available for trading and board lot sizes for
each security.
Trust Deed: A formal document that creates a
trust. It states the purpose and terms of the
name of the trustees and beneficiaries.
Underwriting : is an agreement by the
underwriter to buy on a fixed date and at a
fixed rate, the unsubscribed portion of shares
or debentures or other issues. Underwriter gets
commission for this agreement.
Underlying Security: The security subject to
being purchased or sold upon exercise of the
option contract.
Universal Banking : When Banks and Financial
Institutions are allowed to undertake all types
of activities related to banking like acceptance
of deposits, granting of advances, investment,
issue of credit cards, project finance, venture
capital finance, foreign exchange business,
insurance etc. it is called Universal Banking.
Valuation: Process by which an investor
determines the worth of a security using risk
and return concept.
Virtual Banking: Virtual banking is also called
internet banking, through which financial and
banking services are accessed via internet's
World Wide Web. It is called virtual banking
because an internet bank has no boundaries of
brick and mortar and it exists only on the
Warrant: An option for a longer period of
time giving the buyer the right to buy a
number of shares of common stock in
company at a specified price for a specified
period of time.
Wholesale Banking: Wholesale banking is
different from Retail Banking as its focus is on
providing for financial needs of industry and
institutional clients.
Window Dressing: Financial adjustments made
solely for the purpose of accounting
presentation, normally at the time of auditing
of company accounts.
Yield (Internal rate of Return): The
compound annual rate of return earned by an
Yield to Maturity: The rate of return yield by
a bond held to maturity when both compound
interest payments and the investor’s capital
gain or loss on the security are taken into
Zero Coupon Bond: A bond with no coupon
that is sold at a deep discount from par value.


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